Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I was standing by the street
Waiting for us to meet
I didnt want to keep
My secret that was deep

It was raining that night
There was barely any light
I saw someone creep
They looked pretty cheap

I started getting scared
I forgot how much you cared
The bitterness was sweet
My mission not complete

Why keep me waiting all alone
Couldnt you have told me on the phone
Im scared and hopeless and almost dead
With a foot in my rib, another crushing my head

Left to die with nothing to lose
Why would your at me so confused
You left me alone once again
When will you realize? when? when? when?

Dont you realize if youd had been there
And not with that slut (whats her name) claire
Id still have been here now you see
Ill do all that I can to take you with me